Why Having a Personal Budget is Important

Why is a budget important? It’s time consuming trying to note down how much money you spend, when, where and what you spend it on. Ideally if you have goals

A Guide To Networking

Most of the time you hear people mention the maxim “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know..” , networking is all about it, trying to develop connections with

Unlocking Africa’s Leadership Potential

Things change, the world of business is changing at a pace never seen before so organizations are actively seeking resourceful leaders who can adapt to changing circumstances, environments and embrace new

How To Develop an Effective IT Strategic Plan

The only way to meet the current and future IT needs will be to have a comprehensive plan that reviews the current requirements and accurately forecasts spending over a multi-year

Digital Marketing Strategies

  There are lots of opportunities and new doors with digital marketing that can  bring marketers closer to their business goals. You can find a customer base that suits your

Consultancy at a Glance

In a business things change and develop thick and fast, while companies typically have a broad range of skills, with perhaps some specialties; these changes within the business normally create